Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Nice Alternative to the More Popular Hikes

On the way over to Split Rock, I noticed a section of rocks on the hills just before the turnoff to Split Rock and thought to myself...self... let's go check those out. There's a pullout just before the turn to Split Rock, so I parked and headed to 'them that hills' to see 'what was what' and all. What a fun place to roam around. You can hike up this one slant of rocks to the top for some great views, come down in to the valley around the back, boulder through a side canyon (a nice workout!) and over to the  group of Easter Island-Like formations opposite the slant. I spent a couple of hours ranging all over and had a great time. It just proves you don't always have to follow the crowd to the 'Big Attractions'. There's plenty of great hikes almost everywhere in the Park, so fine a pullout and do some exploring.

 Destination Rocks
 The Slant
 View to the East From the Top
 View to the North
 The Valley Looking East
 The Fantasy Rocks
The Rock People

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