Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Winter Morning at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

I've walked these familiar trails so many times over the course of a year and each time it's different. Whether it's Winter, Spring, Fall or Summer, I always see something new that sparks my eye. In winter, the Cottonwoods are shorn of their leaves and they stand bright white and black against the deep, blue sky. The mornings are crisp and cold, the light sharp, the birds in the trees just waking up to song. Soon, the green leaves will appear with the warmer days, and the same trail will be different and new once again.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Willow Hole Trail - A Lot of Bang for Your Buck

We hadn't been on this trail for a couple of years and had forgotten what a great hike this is. You head out on The Boy Scout Trail for a mile and a quarter, then branch right another two miles to Willow Hole. In the beginning, there are expansive views of the countryside, then the trail leads in to a wash through a canyon of rocks on both sides, with a great variety of vegetation: Pinyon Pine, Joshua Trees, Scrub Oaks, Yucca, Cholla... you name it, it's got everything. Eventually, you come around a turn in to a wide wash with large rock formations on either side. At the end, is a giant Willow Tree, which makes  for a nice, shady spot to have lunch. Don't forget the 'vittles' and a bottle of vino. A little nap in the shade after lunch, and you're ready for the hike back. Another wonderful day in Joshua Tree National Park.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Moonlit Morning in Joshua Tree National Park.

I like to head in to the Park early, when the full moon is setting to see if I can get some interesting shots. As I was coming in this particular day, the light was beautiful, soft pinks and blues, everything very 'atmospheric'. A real treasure trove for the senses.