Monday, July 18, 2016

Shapely Rocks at Split Rock

I got up early and went over to an area by Split Rock where I had seen some interesting rock formations from the car as we passed by. Even though it was already getting warm at our house, it was nice and cool in the park with a slight breeze. I parked the car at the pull out just past the gates and headed straight in. I explored around and through the formations for a couple of hours. I love just getting in to all the nooks and crannies of the rocks, looking for a shaft of light here or an interesting shape there. All in all, a nice way to spend the morning.



Hole in the Rock


Land of Shapes

Monday, June 13, 2016

An Inspiring Hike up to Inspiration Peak

I got up early the other morning and headed up to Keys View where you can hike up to Inspiration Peak. I hadn't done this hike in years and never did go all the way, so this time was determined to do the whole thing. As usual, I got on the wrong trail at the beginning, edging along the cliffs overlooking the valley below. I must have been following a coyote trail, because I realized that the real trail was probably somewhere up above me, so I clambered up to the top where I found the regular trail and continued on from there. This is a wonderful hike with great views in all directions and plenty to look at. I did it in the early morning, but it would be fun at sunset as well. I made it all the way out to the peak this time. I followed the trail back, but it seemed to peter out once you got down toward the parking lot, so I never did find out where it really starts. Try it some time. Let me know if you find where it starts

The famous tree at the edge. 
Beautiful light in the morning

Leaping out

Rocks and valley view


Inspiration Peak in the distance

Valley view

On the way back

Monday, June 6, 2016

A 'Vintage' Walk Along the Hidden Valley Nature Trail

We got up early to beat the crowds at Hidden Valley Nature Trail and since my regular camera is in the shop for a sensor cleaning, I decided to shoot with my I-phone. It's one of those 'freeing' and at the same time 'frustrating' experiences trying to take pictures with an I-phone. It was always jumping from photo to time-lapse, to panoramic, so I had to keep and eye on the controls whenever I wanted to take a picture. Other than that, it was fun to shoot with. The resulting pictures in color were a little bizarre, so I decided to process them as 'wet plate' images in black and white to give them a more 'vintage' look.

Hidden Valley View

Giant Rock

Joshua Trees and Rocks

My Favorite Pinyon Pine

The Rock

Rock Man

Blown Away

Monday, May 30, 2016

Fascinating Rock Forms to the East of Twin Tanks

This time we parked at the Twin Tanks parking lot and headed North along a portion of the California Riding and Hiking Trail. After about a mile, we veered off to look at the rock formations in the area. We ended up exploring for the next couple of hours, found a nice lunch spot in the shade and headed back through the rocks to the car. We always tend to get side-tracked on our hikes, but I don't mind, I just like wandering about and seeing new things. You never know what you're going to find.

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Hike to the 'Magic Spot'

We call this place the 'Magic Spot' because every time we bring friends here, we see something spectacular, fascinating, interesting... magical. One time we saw a Golden Eagle's nest with two Eaglets looking down on us from the cliffs above. Another time, we saw two gigantic Tortoise gobbling Spring flowers in a wash. One night at dusk, we saw a whole family of Great Horned Owls atop the Cliffs, all hooting in unison. That was something! This time we saw beautiful clouds and wonderful, shifting light which really showed off the rocks to their best. It's an easy hike into the rock formations from the turn-out on the Geo Tour Road. The turn-out is about a mile past the California Riding and Hiking Trail on the western side. Check it out some time. Hopefully, it will be a 'Magical' experience for you too.