Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Great Bike Ride This Morning in the Park

We got up early (creaking all the way...) and went riding in the Park this morning. It was beautiful, nice and cool with a light breeze and some very nice clouds in the sky. I kept stopping to take pictures while Margie cruised off to Ryan, where she waited for me to come puffing up the hill. I kept getting wowed by the light, the clouds and rocks seemingly every twenty feet. Now, time for a little nap...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A 'Wild and Crazy' Day Trip to the Salton Sea Yacht Club and Salvation Mountain

This is a fun day trip from Joshua Tree. You might want to pack a lunch as they're aren't too many places to eat down there. Head down the 10 to the north shore of the Salton Sea and visit the restored North Shore Yacht Club designed by Albert Frey. I think they're only open on the weekends, but they have picnic tables where you can eat. (There are also some State Park areas further down the road as well.) If the store is open, pick up one their great 'Salton Sea Yacht Club' t-shirts, very cool. If you're a birder, you can see some rare migrating birds while you're there.
Moving on, head down the road to Nyland, turn left on Main Street and head out to one of the strangest 'Outsider Art' Installations you'll ever see. Out in the middle of the foothills is Salvation Mountain. Got paint?! You can wander about to your heart's content. The theme is: God is Love.
On the way back, stop in at Baghdad by the Bay for a brew at the local pub, some interesting folks live there. Check out the movie 'Salton Sea' an interesting documentary on the people who still live in the area. (More pics on my flickr site to the right.)