Sunday, October 25, 2015

Manzanita Studies in Hidden Valley

It was kind of a mucky day and I started out with every intention of exploring this one side canyon in Hidden Valley, but as soon as I got to the edge of the hill I was supposed to climb, I found all these Manzanita branches splayed on the ground, so of course, I started taking pictures. I'm totally fascinated by the shapes and colors, and how they just seem to be assembled on the ground in these interesting designs. Next thing you know, I was just wandering along the edges of the rocks, taking pictures, finding more 'still lifes' to shoot. Here's a few I like.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Hint of Fall at the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

We got up early Saturday thinking we'd go 'Birding' at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, but when we got there, found that they only 'Bird' on every third Saturday now. Boo hoo. But hey, it was a beautiful morning, so we just decided to take a walk along the Desert Willow Trail and back through the Marsh to the Mesquite Trail. It's such a wonderful way to start your Saturday before you head off to the Farmer's Market in Joshua Tree. The Alkali Goldenbush along the trail were in full display and there were some bits of red along the Marsh Trail. I thought to myself... 'a nice preview of fall to come.' Next month, the Cottonwoods should be taking on their golden colors, so plan to visit the Preserve and Covington Park.