Friday, October 21, 2011

Highway 62 Art Tours-Join the Tour!

THIS WEEKEND-Saturday and
Sunday, October 29-30
You can go to the Tour Site here:
There's lots of great art this year and the Tour Booklet is the best ever.

Spin will be showing at JTAG Joshua Tree Art Gallery in downtown Joshua Tree, so come on down. 61607 29 Palms Highway-Suite B (Next to Red Arrow Gallery).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Follow Along On Our Summer Travels

Jardin de Luxumbourg-Paris
The Pyramid, Louvre-Paris
Two Streets Together, Santiago de Compostella
The Cathedral, Santiago de Compostella
Luarca Harbor-Spain

This summer we spent two weeks traveling from Oporto, Portugal up to Santiago de Compostella and on to Bilbao, San Sebastian, Spain and Paris, France. Here's a sampling of photos from the trip. I'll be posting on a regular basis, so stay tuned to my Flickr site: