Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fascinating Shapes in Black and White

I've recently been photographing early in the morning around Ryan and Jumbo Rocks. I'm fascinated by the 'molten' shapes of the rocks in these areas. Color just didn't seem to do them justice. High contrast black and white was, as Goldilocks would say... just right. Jumbo Rocks is a great area to explore any time of year. I like to go for an hour or two before breakfast and just ramble around a different section each time. As the light changes, you see something completely new at every turn. Great fun.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fantastic Cloud Displays During Summer Thunderstorm.

The other day, we caught the remnants of a tropical storm up from the Gulf of Mexico, so I drove into the Park to see what all the fuss was about. On the way in from 29 Palms, there were huge, dark clouds forming to the north. I stopped to take a few pictures and then the rain came upon me, so I jumped back in the car and headed through the Park, passing in and out of downpours. The best thing of course, is that distinctive scent of the desert during a rain storm, a combination of earth, sage and creosote, a special fragrance found nowhere else. I drove down the Geo Tour road and got some nice shots to the east and west, then over to Jumbo rocks and on to Ryan Mountain where I got a spectacular cloud shot. By the time I hit Hidden Valley, the weather was clearing up, so I figured it was time to mosey on home. It was great fun to be out in the Park on such a dramatic day. I noticed quite a few others enjoying the weather and light show as well. It's true, pictures of the Park are always better with clouds.