Sunday, February 16, 2014

An Interesting Hike in Wonderland Wash

The other day, a group of us took a nice hike up the Wonderland Wash and made some wonderful discoveries, thanks to our guide Mark Wheeler. He knows the Park like the back of his hand, and he can identify almost every plant in sight, Latin names first. On this trip, he showed us some rocks in which the early settlers had used to store some of their food stuffs. He also guided us to a huge boulder off the trail (which we had walked past many times in the past) and when you ducked in and under the entrance, contained Petroglyphs made by early Native Americans. He also showed us a rock and cement dam built in the wash which would help contain water after the rains. Further on, he led us past the famous 'Three Freaks' rock formations, which the climbers have fondly named and in to a side canyon where we were able to see the famous 'Grant's Arch'.  A great hike indeed. Hopefully, I can remember where all these special things are, so I can take others there in the future.

Wonderland Ranch

The Cave For Storing Food

What does it mean?!

The Three Freaks

Grant's Arch