Friday, December 28, 2012

Rock Stars in Black and White

I went in to the Park early this morning to shoot some pics with my new camera, an Olympus OM-D which will replace my EP-3. I was anxious to give it a little test run and see what 'developed'... On the way in, I happened to look at the temperature gauge in the car and was shocked to see it reading at 19 degrees. I asked myself "Why am I doing this, when I could still be warm in bed?!" Once I got in, it was fine, I had layers and gloves, all was well. The light was sharp and bright, so as I wandered around in the Hidden Valley area, I was able to catch some nice shots. I love this one particular area, the rock formations are very 'fluid', very 'photogenic'.  I finished them using Silver Efex Pro, black and white, with high contrast, to give them a little more oomph. Hope you like.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Last of the Fall Colors

Soon, it will be winter. The Cottonwoods at Covington Park and Big Morongo Canyon Preserve are starting to lose their leaves. It's still a treat to go early in the morning and catch the first light in the trees and feel the chill in the air. I can see my breath, when I exhale, as I plod along through the fields. Each time I visit, I see something different, something beautiful. I take lots of pictures. Not everything thing turns out the way I'd hoped. It just means I'll have to re-visit. Always a pleasure.