Saturday, August 8, 2015

Barker Dam - Morning Reflections

I tried to wake Margie, but no go. Went in early before sun up, hoping to catch sight of some Big Horns, but no go. People had been saying there was water in 'them thar hills' (Barker Dam that is) so I went to see for myself. I spent a couple of hours wandering about focusing on the reflections of the trees and rocks in the water. Kinda fun. Hope we get some more rain to fill the dam to the top.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Live Oak Picnic Area-A Fun Place To Explore

This is not only a great place to have an evening picnic (the tables face out to Pinto Basin-Nice View), but it's a great place to roam around and explore. There are some great rock formations here as you can see. I spent a couple of hours just wandering around and clambering over the rocks. Great fun. Check out: for information on Live Oak Tank and Ivanpah Tank in the area.