Sunday, May 21, 2017

A New 'Quick-In' Hike That's Great For Sunsets As Well!

We had passed this little turnout on the West side of the road, just past the Maze Trail pullout, many times, seeing a couple of cars parked there and wondered what was out there. So, one morning on the way into the Park, we decided to stop and check it out. As soon as you park, there is a well-worn trail leading away to the West. It  travels up into the rocks and then heads North out to a nice viewpoint, which would be a great Sunset Viewing Spot. Then it continues down a wash, descending eventually to another viewpoint, where you look towards the road and houses in the distance. At this point, we turned around and headed back up the wash. The trail is about a mile or so to the last viewpoint, but there are plenty of places you could explore on the way in or on the way back. It's always fun to try a new trail in the Park, you never know what you're going to find. This is a good one if you just want to get in and on the trail right away and don't have that much time to explore. Try it sometime.

 Start of the Trail
 Beautiful Landscape and Hills
 San Gorgonio View and Sunset Spot
Lots of Flowers Along The Way 
Heading Down The Wash 
Nice View To The North
Cloud Flare
Moon Setting Over The Rocks


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