Monday, March 20, 2017

The Flowers Are Poppin' in Joshua Tree National Park

We took a drive down to Cottonwood the other day to see how the flowers were coming along. We stopped at Porcupine Wash on the way, explored around the rocks there and saw some nice displays with the potential of more to come. Then we headed to the area down by the 10 and the fields on either side were chock full of blooms. The Lupines were the biggest I've seen in years, some up to two feet high, and Poppies everywhere, also Chia on the eastern side of the road. When we got back to the car, our shoes were covered with pollen after wading amongst the Poppies, and we were trying to be careful not to step on anything. We stopped in a side canyon on the way back to have lunch in the shade of some rocks and saw Chuparosa and Canterbury Bells along with Brown-eyed Primrose. The flowering at this point is all the way up to Twin Tanks, so there is plenty to see, with more to come in the next couple of weeks. We saw all these flowers in one afternoon: Lupines, Poppies, Brown-eyed Primrose, Chia, Chuparosa, Chicory, Mallow, Canterbury Bells, Phacelia, Brittlebush, Bladderpod, Desert Dandelion and a bunch I don't know the name of. So get goin'!

 Field of Dreams

 Poppies Forever

 Poppies and Lupine

Chia and Dandelions

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