Monday, March 13, 2017

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is Greening Up!

I got up Saturday morning and headed over to Big Morongo Canyon Preserve to see if there were any early flowers along the Mesquite and Canyon Trails. After a wet winter it was nice to see the Cottonwoods leafing out in all their glory, but no major flowering yet. I guess we have to wait for another week or so for things to start popping. I ended up walking the Mesquite Trail, down the Canyon Trail and even up on top of the Yucca Trail, where you get a nice overview of the Preserve. I never get tired of going to the Preserve at any time of year, there's always something new to see. It's such a peaceful and serene place to take a stroll, listen to the birds in the trees and feel the breeze on your face. We're so lucky to have this special place here in the desert. I tell people, when Joshua Tree National Park is busy, head over to the Preserve, you won't regret it.

 Overview from Yucca Trail

 Looking Across the Field Along The Mesquite Trail

 Winter Copper Color Fading To Lush Green

 Feathery Green and Trees

Looking Back Toward the Distant Hills

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