Monday, May 16, 2016

A Hike to the 'Magic Spot'

We call this place the 'Magic Spot' because every time we bring friends here, we see something spectacular, fascinating, interesting... magical. One time we saw a Golden Eagle's nest with two Eaglets looking down on us from the cliffs above. Another time, we saw two gigantic Tortoise gobbling Spring flowers in a wash. One night at dusk, we saw a whole family of Great Horned Owls atop the Cliffs, all hooting in unison. That was something! This time we saw beautiful clouds and wonderful, shifting light which really showed off the rocks to their best. It's an easy hike into the rock formations from the turn-out on the Geo Tour Road. The turn-out is about a mile past the California Riding and Hiking Trail on the western side. Check it out some time. Hopefully, it will be a 'Magical' experience for you too.