Sunday, February 21, 2016

Squaw Tank-A Fun Place to Scramble Around

This started out as the Lela Peak hike but we got a little side tracked (what else is new). The Guide says to park at the Squaw Tank pull out and then skirt the rocks to the North East and head through the valley over to Lela Peak. I'm sure that's a nice walk, but then you miss all those wonderful rocks. So... we went over to check out Squaw Tank itself which is impressive, then we began climbing up the rocks to a dramatic view point that looks over Pleasant Valley. Next, we turned north and just ambled across and thru the rocks, where we found a great lunch spot in the shade. We enjoyed our 'Margie made' chicken sandwiches with a delightful Picpoul de Pinet from France, which proved to be just the ticket. After a little kip, we did some more exploring until we found ourselves back at the car. Well, Lela Peak will have to be next time. We just had too much fun here, so many interesting shapes and textures to take in.


  1. Hi there! I kind of stumbled across your blog and really like it. Like you, I love Joshua Tree. I've looked at some of your posts and the photos are amazing.
    I just signed on as a follower. I spend a lot of time in JT (and other places) and also have a blog. If you care to take a look, here is the link. If not, no problem!

  2. Thanks for dropping by. Nice blog by the way. Spin