Sunday, February 28, 2016

Another Great Area to Explore on the Geo Road

Last week, we visited Squaw Tank and rambled around in the rocks to our heart's content. This week, we finally explored some rocks that Margie has been eyeing for some time. This is an area known to climbers but is not in the official guide book. The pull out is just beyond the sign on the Geo Trail which says, 'Four Wheel Drive Only'. It's about a mile before you get to Squaw Tank and Malapai Hill is on your right. This is a fabulous place to explore. The first mound of rocks you come to, had all these little caves here and there, underneath all these huge rock formations. Moving on to the east, there are groups of jagged rocks and side canyons to explore. We spent a couple of hours just roaming around and then (of course) found the perfect lunch spot, had a nice repast and then meandered back to the car. Another fantastic day in the rocks along the Geo Trail. The only people we saw on the way out were some eager climbers on their way in.

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