Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Windy Hike Down the Wash Across From Pine City

Sometimes, you drive all the way out there and the Pine City parking lot is jammed with cars. When that happens, we park in a little pull-out closer to the Queen Valley Road and head over to the wash on the other side of the road. You just follow the wash in to the east as far as you you feel like you want to go. There's plenty of interesting vegetation and unusual rock forms all along the way to keep your eyes busy. The day we went, it was starting to get windy but we pressed on. About a mile in, we noticed a roof-line up in the rocks, so I went up to investigate. It was a metal cover over an old dig site, to keep people from falling in. You get a nice view of the neighborhood from up there. Those miners, they were everywhere! Moving along, we found a nice little spot in the rocks, out of the wind, for our lunch. After lunch, it started to get cold and the wind got even more ferocious, so we headed back. Our friends, the Howie's would definitely like this hike. Give it a shot sometime.

Rock of Ages 
Grinding holes?

Skeletal Pines along the wash

Chess set

Ancient one atop the rock trailings

Nice view from the mine 

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