Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Real Surprise at Surprise Tank!

We went our here with our friends Judy and Bob the other day. It was a bit windy to start, but eventually cleared up and turned out to be a beautiful day. This is a great hike, right off the Geo Road on the California Riding and Hiking Trail heading west from the parking area. I first found out about this hike from Elliot Koeppel's blog This is a great blog if you're looking for new and different hikes in Joshua Tree National Park and beyond. Anyway... we hiked out to the tank and guess what? Water and lots of it. What a treat. We had been there a couple of years ago and it was dry at that point, so I guess the recent rains did their job. You can just imagine what it must have been like when the cattleman were around. More rain, more snow, a totally different scene from today. We had a great time hiking around in the rocks, so many different shapes and textures and found a nice little meadow for lunch. After our repast, we headed back to the car, totally satisfied with a great afternoon.



  1. Been to Surprise tank many times showing friends and family this beautiful location.Also heard about it from Cali49.