Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hike Out To Samuelson's Rocks

We hiked out to Samuelson's Rocks yesterday and were lucky enough to see seven big horn sheep in the area. I've never seen any there before, so that was a real treat. Unfortunately, I didn't have my long lens with me, so you can just see them in the picture on the right, up on the rocks. The hike is about four miles round trip. You park at the first pullout on the right coming into the Park from the Western entrance and walk south, through some rock formations and then sloping down to the valley below, where you'll see the single small hill where the rocks are located. I processed these in an 'antique style', as if printed on old, weathered glass plates found in a garage, to give them a sense of 'history'. Here's some more info on Mr. Samuelson.

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