Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Beautiful Colors of Lichen

The other day, I got up early and went clambering around the boulders in one of the canyons off Lost Horse Road. This canyon trail used to be one of our favorite breakfast hikes in the warm weather. We'd get up at the crack of dawn, make coffee, warm some bagels, take a little fruit salad, the newspaper and head up the canyon where there was a sandy bench out of the wash. You had to do a little bouldering to get to the spot, but it was a place you could enjoy the coolness of the morning until about nine, then the sun would come peeking over the rocks above us, signaling it was time to head for home. We have to do that again sometime, that was fun. Anyway... as I was bouldering around, I kept noticing the beautiful Lichen on the rocks in the early morning light and started taking some pictures. I love the shapes of the rocks intersecting, the textures, and the subtle, rich colors, almost like abstract paintings. It's always the small things that bring the greatest pleasure.

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