Monday, April 10, 2017

The Flowering at Whitewater Preserve is Off The Charts!

Everyone had been telling us to go and see the flowers at Whitewater Preserve recently. So, we jumped in the car with some lunch fixins and headed out to spend the afternoon exploring. We stopped first at the Ranger Station/Visitor Center and then headed out on a trail where you could see one of the Desert X Sculptures set dramatically against the cliffs. After exploring around in the valley by the river, we decided to get back in the car and head down to where the road crosses the river and hike up into the flowers from there. On the way up to the top, we saw a nice little depression in the grass that was perfect for our repast. If you've never been out to Whitewater Preserve, make it a point to go. It's the sight of a former Trout Farm with the pools still intact, a beautiful sight, even saw some Trout! There are picnic areas with tables, grassy lawns and easy river access and some very nice hikes, so there's plenty to do there. It's also a wonderful place to go and hike in the fall when all the Cottonwoods show their golden colors.

 Trout Pond 
 Desert X Sculpture
 Beautiful Hills
 San Gorgonio
 View From the Trail
 Flowers and Blue Sky
The Hills Are Ablaze

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