Monday, December 5, 2016

A New Hike For Spin and Margie

We were driving down the Geo Trail the other day and discovered a new hike from a small pull-out about two miles past the California Riding and Hiking Trail. We're always looking for something new, so we parked the car and headed out to some rock formations to the west. We could see all these piles of rocks in the distance, sort of like 'castles on the plain' and decided to head for them. We passed so many interesting and unusual rock formations along the way, stopping to explore, but the best part was when we got way out to this one area with a canyon running through. It seemed so magical and powerful in some way. I wonder if it was a special spot for original inhabitants. When I was processing my pictures, I had trouble seeing them in color or black and white. I wanted an 'otherworldly' look for them, like being on the moon, with that eery light and heavy atmosphere. Joshua Tree National Park is a very special place.

  Sign Post


 Lizard Eye


 Animal Rocks



Land in Space


  1. Really nice photos! Just last week I was hiking the long way around to the Lost Horse mine and was looking down and over at this area.

  2. Check it out next time, worth the hike. Best, D