Monday, October 10, 2016

A Meandering Walk to the Wall St. Mill

I wanted to show Margie this one area I discovered the other day between Wall St. Mill and Wonderland Ranch. In between, there's an old truck that we started from and walked in to this horseshoe shaped valley. We just walked along the edges seeing what was there. It's full of Pinyon Pines, Scrub Oaks and Manzanitas, a beautiful valley to just wander about. Along the way, we ran in to this foundation (complete with basement) out in the middle of a field. Not sure if it was a building or house. Did it belong to Will Bagley, who scuffled with Bill Keys... who knows. As we kept pushing along we came up over a ridge and there we were at the Wall St. Mill (which is now surrounded by barbed wire to keep the destroyers out). I didn't recognize where we were at first, until I saw the old cars under the trees. Before the barbed wire, you could get inside the mill and putter around to see how things worked. I took some photos and then we headed back across country to the car. All in all, a nice Sunday morning walk.

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