Monday, June 6, 2016

A 'Vintage' Walk Along the Hidden Valley Nature Trail

We got up early to beat the crowds at Hidden Valley Nature Trail and since my regular camera is in the shop for a sensor cleaning, I decided to shoot with my I-phone. It's one of those 'freeing' and at the same time 'frustrating' experiences trying to take pictures with an I-phone. It was always jumping from photo to time-lapse, to panoramic, so I had to keep and eye on the controls whenever I wanted to take a picture. Other than that, it was fun to shoot with. The resulting pictures in color were a little bizarre, so I decided to process them as 'wet plate' images in black and white to give them a more 'vintage' look.

Hidden Valley View

Giant Rock

Joshua Trees and Rocks

My Favorite Pinyon Pine

The Rock

Rock Man

Blown Away

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