Monday, March 28, 2016

Taking the Yucca Trail at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

We got a fresh perspective on Big Morongo Canyon Preserve the other morning, from up high. You start by taking the Desert Willow Trail and about half way around, you branch off and proceed up the hill following the Yucca Trail. It climbs up to the top of the hills where you get a nice look over the entire Preserve. There were flowers blooming along the path, with more to come. At one point, you come to an overlook which looks down to the Mesquite Trail, then you turn and start your downward descent through a small canyon and end up on the Mesquite Trail by the marsh. We continued around and headed over to Covington Park and then back to the car. It was a really nice 2 hour walk before breakfast. A great way to start the day. If you don't feel like going home for breakfast, you can always stop in at the Morongo Cafe for a hearty breakfast. You might see Dee and some 'birders' there too.

Cottonwoods View

Mesquite View

Heading Down

Cross Cut

Boardwalk over the Marsh

San Gorgonio View

Looking Back at the Preserve

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  1. Nice photos! I have no idea why, but I've never been there.
    Your photos might cause me to get there soon. Thanks!