Sunday, November 15, 2015

Early Morning Light at the Cliffs of Dover

I got up early and parked at the Quail Springs Picnic Area and took a walk out to the hills known as the 'Cliffs of Dover'. This is what the climbers have named it. There is a part that sweeps up the hill and does remind you of the cliffs, now that you mention it. I got there just as the light was sweeping along the front of the rocks. I walked along the base for a while and then turned back to see what was happening on the other side. The sun was just hitting the tips of the rocks in the side canyon, so I climbed up and around to take some shots and then headed up to the top, where you get a nice view of the valley. Then I went down the other side and back around through the valley to where I started. I was really pooped when I got home as I had done quite a bit of clambering up and over the rocks, all before breakfast. Great fun though. You can really do a lot of exploring in the one area. Worth a visit.

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