Sunday, July 19, 2015

Off The Beaten Track at Split Rock

I started out early to go on the Split Rock Trail, but when I got there, the gates were closed. So... I headed up the road a piece and found a little pull-out and decided to hike in from there. As usual, I got waylaid on the way and never did make it to Split Rock proper. I ended up exploring this group of rocks in the valley before you get to Split Rock. I kind of like it when I get side tracked from my original goal. I'm always delighted to explore something new. I came up on the first set of rocks and thought, 'that's nice', 'this looks like an interesting area.' It was. Full of interesting shapes, textures and vegetation. I spent about 2 hours just walking, stopping, looking and listening to the birds and the morning wind. When the light began to get a little mucky, I sat down for a while at a high point and just took in the valley below. It's always nice to just stop and sit awhile, no need to rush.

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