Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rain at Last and a Great Cloud Display

We've gotten a passel of rain the last couple of days. In fact, the driveway of our house is now down by our neighbors. It always floats away when we get a big storm. Time for some fill in the drive. Anyway... the rain was coming on and we decided to take a drive through the Park and see what was happening there. As we drove in from the 29 Palms side, it was just beginning to sprinkle. By the time we hit Jumbo Rocks, you could hardly see the road, it was coming down so hard. Once past Ryan, we could see blue skies and plenty of billowing clouds, so we made for that. We kept jumping out of the car to take a shot, then the light would disappear and we'd move on to the next spot. I came back with these few 'keepers'. What a great day for clouds!

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