Sunday, December 1, 2013

An Exciting Discovery at Twin Tanks

We drove out to Twin Tanks the other day and as we were loaping along with no real destination in mind, we saw these two quartz boulders in the distance and thought...'Let's go see what that's all about'. When we got there, there were huge quartz boulders strewn all about and lo' and behold, there was one of the famous 'Twin Tanks' down below. This is where the early cattlemen would build small dams to try and capture as much water as possible for their cattle during the year. There was still some water in the dam from the recent rains. We moved up the wash to see what else we could see and ran in to a dry waterfall that we saw off the trail. Upon closer inspection, we found these great petroglyphs. What a find. We meandered further up the wash, but nothing more was to be found that day. Twin Tanks is a great area to explore. It's easy hiking and there are many interesting rock formations, gullies and canyons to discover. You can easily spend the whole day out there just exploring to your heart's content


Quartz Boulders

Quartz View Point


Molten Forms

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