Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hiking the 955

Since we can't hike in Joshua Tree National Park, during the 'Shutdown', we had to find an alternative. Thank heaven for the Mojave Desert Land Trust, which saved a piece of land on Quail Mountain, known affectionately as the '955'... acres that is. They saved it from development, so the rest of us could hike there, nice folks. We got up early and hiked up to this one spot, where, if we've had enough rain during the winter, you can view a waterfall. Because of the good rains we had during the summer, there is plenty of Brittlebush, fields of small yellow flowers and lots of green buds, just waitin' for more rain. Here's some pics from the hike done in a  'moody' style.

Rocky View

Rock Pile




Yucca Ribbons

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