Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pine City - A Beautiful Stroll

Valley View
Rock formations

Margie enjoying the view
The trail homeward
Ancient Pine
Big horn sheep spirit

Free Spirit

Rocks and dykes
We went out to Pine City the other day, a nice winter hike. You head out to where the 'Geo Tour' road is, between Ryan and Jumbo rocks, and instead of turning right, you turn left toward the hills. You drive down a dirt road and mid-way along, you'll see the 'Lucky Boy' turnout on your right, continue on to the end, where there's a parking area. There are two hikes from here. On the right, as you enter, is the 'Desert Queen Mine' hike and on the left is 'Pine City'. There's a potty here, so you can 'take care of business' before heading out. It's about 2 miles out to the rock outcroppings where we usually stop for lunch. The day we went, the light was kind of flat and my color shots didn't come out too great, so I decided to do them in black and white. I did a few 'pinhole' shots as well and gave them some special treatments which I think made them more interesting. (Click on pictures to make larger)

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