Monday, December 19, 2011

Hiking Ryan Mountain in Black and White

The weather has been pretty gloomy and wet lately, but today the sun broke out along with some wispy clouds. We figured it was a good day to hike Ryan, so after chores, we headed over to the park and up we went. Boy, haven't done that in a while and it showed. We were huffin' and puffin' by the time we got to the top, but the view is a satisfying payoff. We found a nice spot for lunch and luxuriated in the 360 degree view. The worst part was the trip down, I knew my legs would be all rubbery the next day, so a nice, hot bath was in order when we got home. This is one of the best hikes in the park, particularly if you're short on time. It takes about and hour and a half to get up and about an hour to get down, so plan accordingly. Best times are early morning or late afternoon so you can catch the glowing light across the Wonderland of Rocks in the distance.

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